My main man Mathr DeLeon has been working his little fingers to the bone for the better part of 4 months, not just for me, but for the city of Fresno as a whole. As many of you know, him and John Esquivel (and a bunch of other people) put together this years overwhelmingly successful Catacomb Party 2013 event, a party I was honored to be a part of, and was a major boon for myself as an artist. During one of the many meetings we had (both in person, and online), Mathr asked if I had any plans for a website, he showed me some of his work, and the ball got rolling.

He gathered all of my silly ideas, humored my thoughts on design/layout, fielded my incessant worrying, and pestering, and created what you see now! I was adamant about it being simple, easy to navigate, and dope as fuck -- with his thumbprint on the entire design (because I'm a fan of his work). I think he hit a homerun with all of these things. I overlooked his criminal record (forced oral copulation with person(s) under the age of 14), his continued verbal abuse, and his incredibly racist "Native American" hat (I mean come on, it's easy to overlook those other two, with that first one on the table), because I knew the "greater good" was bigger, the vision superseded any would be moral scruples, and entanglements. Where am I going with this? Oh yeah, scroll down, bottom right-ish area -- there you will be able to read FAQ's, and "Did You Know?" items, all designed to give you, the fan, insight into MY LIFE, MY WORLD. Pretty neat, huh?

You are ALL my children now.

- Cockamamie Jamie